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This is an essential guide for first time tourists to Paris, For an economic planning of this rich tour, read this. Review: American Airlines B Business Class, Paris to DFW.

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by Sriram Srinivasan · last updated March 29, Paris – Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG),Termainl 2A – Gate A43, 4m late This post is part of my trip report series about our trip to the Czech Republic and Romania in October.

Review: Air France Business class – Paris (CDG) to Tokyo (NRT) by Jack Hanley. The lounge in CDG [pictured above] was vast, spick and span, and beautifully designed with curving screens of wood and huge lamps that resemble modernist tree sculptures, with leaf insignias in the immense shades.

There was a good selection of full hot meals. I arrived at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport(CDG) off the BA British Airways flight from London Heathrow. Being bleary-eyed from an all-nighter I was concerned that my Cathay Pacific flight which I booked only 10 hours before through American Airlines (AA) hadn't been ticketed.

The cost of business class versus economy class is variable according to the time of day on this route but for this trip it was considered to be a good deal. Flight Report: London to Paris with Air France. December 20, Category: and the arrival into Paris CDG was 5. May 18,  · Flight Report: Air France A Washington IAD to Paris CDG As a part of my summer last year, I exchanged with a good friend from Versailles, France.

He came for two weeks to visit my family in June.

Paris cdg nightly business report
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