What constitutes a profession

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10 things that define a true professional

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What is a Profession?

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Honestly baccalaureate degree recipients announce their university to go on into graduate studies they are often stretched in what discipline or academic achievement they will study. Teaching has been considered a noble profession by people for various reasons, with one of the most common being that teachers help to educate future generations.

More generally, some have described teachers as "agents of the future," because they help people acquire the skills necessary to take on. Analyzes 13 different recently published research-based lists of the characteristics of effective professional development.

Finds little agreement on criteria for "effectiveness," equivocating statements, and oversimplification. “Teaching creates all other professions.” Author Unknown “Teaching is not a lost art (profession), but the regard for it is a lost tradition.” Jacques Barzun We often use the term “profession” in a generic sort of way referring to what is your trade/vocation.

A professional person has the skills needed for the tasks of their profession and the expertise to use them productively and efficiently. Furthermore, s/he adopts lifelong learning and professional affiliation to keep those skills current.

Of course, what constitutes advanced learning is a bit subjective and open to interpretation. It doesn't mean that a college degree is necessarily required. Although most of these jobs do require a degree, all that's required of a best-selling novelist is a great story line and a way with words.

Professional certification is a process by which a person develops the knowledge, experience, and skills to perform a specific job. Once the individual completes a course of study, he or she receives a certificate earned by passing an exam that is accredited by an organization or association that.

What constitutes a profession
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