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About Paratext

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About Paratext

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Aug 17,  · Paratext is any additional text or other reference material that is added to an author’s published work. One of the most common ways to think of this type of material is in the form of the. Paratext is the world’s leading software application for the development and checking of new Bible translation texts, or revisions to existing texts.

Developed jointly by UBS and SIL International, it enables consistent and accurate translation, based on original texts, and. Paratext is a concept in literary interpretation. The main text of published authors (e.g. the story, non-fiction description, poems, etc.) is often surrounded by other material supplied by the authors, editors, printers, and publishers, which is known as the paratext.

These added elements form a frame for the main text, and can change the reception of a text or its interpretation by the public.

Paratext is a concept in literary interpretation. The main text of published authors (e.g. the story, non-fiction description, poems, etc.) is often surrounded by other material supplied by the authors, editors, printers, and publishers, which is known as the paratext.

What is paratext
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